A Preston family firm’s YouTube channel has gained 1.2 million views in a matter of months.

Walker and Williams run businesses including Luxury House Share, No.10 Hotel and The Winckley Square Hotel.

Co-owner Max Walker-Williams used his spare time during lockdown to start the channel.

Max said: “For years people have been saying we should use YouTube to show people behind the scenes of what we do day-to-day.

“We started the channel eight months ago and in that time it has had 1.2 million views and gained just over 6,500 subscribers.

“Although the businesses are and will always be our focus, if people find what we’re doing interesting that’s great.”

Content ranges from days out with the family, to tours of other businesses, and even investing in cryptocurrency.

The most popular video so far was a tour of Lancashire car customisation company Autolab, which has gained over 270,000 views.

A video of a day out with the Walker-Williams children and their waders has had 225,000 views, while a feature on Preston Street Monkies has had almost 100,000 views.

Lockdown has been tough on the Walker and Williams businesses, and even more so on Max personally.

“I was in intensive care for 11 days fighting for my life and am still currently recovering,” said Max.

“The channel has been a really positive and welcome distraction to concentrate on while business has practically ground to a halt.” 

Author – Kate Rosindale | Posted blogpreston.co.uk